Place Direct

Our building is home to both the Adesso Wholesale and Place Direct showrooms. Francis Palmer started Place Direct in 1992 and then opened Adesso Wholesale in 2001.

Place Direct imports very high quality handcrafted furniture and appeals to the public and interior designers. Each piece is unique and has a story. Our range of furniture in our showroom is very eclectic. Place Direct is the sole distributor of the distinguished and world renowned ranges of furniture and decorative accessories produced by Theodore Alexander and Caracole both based in the USA.

These items are suitable for any interior and can be used in the home, office or business. Our company’s primary business is supplying boutique decor shops, lodges, hotels, procurement and corporate gifting companies. We also supply interior designers and the public.

We fervently believe that the quality of the pieces we import at Place Direct surpasses anything else that is available in South Africa.

This is because of the knowledge and experience of the international designers employed both by Theodore Alexander and Caracole, not to mention the skilled hand crafted workmanship, the wide variety of natural materials used and the custom designed hardware for each furniture creation.